Summer drinks: the boozy edition

Alrighty, so who likes to have a little glass of something in their hands at a part in the summer? Summer drinks are a massive range of treats, delights and pitfalls – they can be stunningly beautiful or they can be a warm bottle of warm, flat lager. Or worse – a warm, sweet rosé.

We’ve all had our fair share of rubbish drinks, but the question is what to do about it. What should you be drinking this summer to

1. Raspberry gin smash

Who doesn’t love a good raspberry cocktail? This perfect for making in pitchers, so a simple and delicious option if you’ve got friends coming over for a catch up or a BBQ.

Raspberry gin smash

2. Cold brew amaretto cocktail

Do any of us need an excuse for having cold brew coffee this summer? It’s a great way to wake up and cool down all at once, but you can make it even better by turning it into a cocktail with amaretto.

3. Margarita sangria

Can’t decide on your cocktail of choice or looking for something a bit different to make for a summer party? Margarita sangria is all over fun, deliciousness and danger. It’s definitely never going to be a bad idea.

margarita sangria


There’s nothing more iconically summer when it comes to drinks that PIMM’S. Whether you’re just pretending you’re not having very much so making a glass or going the whole hog and making jugs of it, PIMM’S is summer in drink form.

5. Raspberry gin

Raspberries are a quintessential summer fruit. They’re vibrant, fresh and pack a punch for their size. They also make the perfect summer drinks flavouring. ‘Making’ gin (really infusing or flavouring would be more accurate) is the best way to get fruity gins that taste just how you want them – raspberry gin is the best summer gin.

Raspberry gin recipe

6. Watermelon sangria

This is a great way to day drink without it all going a bit wrong. Watermelon sangria is cool, refreshing and the perfect way of using that watermelon you impulse bought (or is that just me?). It handily also means you’re not going to drink the wine too fast, which can be problematic on a hot summer’s day!

7. Grapefruit gin cocktail

Looking for a cocktail with a bit more zest and bite to it? This grapefruit gin cocktail will be great for sitting back on a warm summer’s evening and enjoying life.

grapefruit and rosemary gin cocktail

8. Strawberry and basil vodka

More of a vodka person? Makes yours more summery with strawberry and basil vodka. This flavour pairing is great for tempering the sweetness of strawberries, so it’s not clawingly sweet.

9. The beer’s knees

Looking for more of a beer theme to your day? I’m a bit fan of beer cocktails. This one takes a wheat beer, honey, gin and lemon to make a really refreshing best-served-really-cold long drink.

The Beer's Knees

10. Limoncello

What could look more like summer than limoncello? This bright, gorgeous drink basically tastes of summer holidays in the sun. Great after dinner, or later in the evening as the sun is going down.

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summer drinks - boozy edition