Simple summer dinners

Do you have days where you suddenly realise that you’ve been enjoying the summer sun a little bit too much and forgot about going home to make dinner? These are recipes for those kinds of days – simple summer dinners that don’t take long to make – usually on the plate in under 30 minutes.

Baked gnocchi with tomatoes and basil

This gnocchi recipe is all over summer. It’s loaded up with basil, tomatoes and mozzarella in a way that will have you going back for seconds – and maybe thirds too, if there’s anything left! It’s also dead easy to make and easy to get outside if you’re eating alfresco.

crispy baked gnocchi

30-minute chickpea curry

Not got a lot of time in your evening? This is for you. Ready and on the table in under 30 minutes, this curry packs a beautifully warming flavour and is a real crowd pleaser when you’re not sure you can even make a meal for one!

easy chickpea curry

Vegetable bake

We all aim to get more vegetables in our diets, don’t we? It’s one of those promises that seem to fade away with time, but can be great when courgettes, carrots and beetroots are in season. You don’t have to go quite to the length of this design though!

Vegetable Bake

Tomato crumble

This is a summer classic that you probably forget about. Crumble’s don’t just have to mean apples and winter – this tomato crumble is the perfect savoury summer supper, it’s using really good, seasonal ingredients and is topped off with a Parmesan-heavy topping!

Tomato Crumble

Cauliflower taco bowl

I love this cauliflower taco bowl – cauliflower and walnuts probably don’t sound like they’d be a good replacement for mince, but they work amazingly well in this recipe. Also, there’s avocado and salsa, because who doesn’t want avocado and salsa with their taco bowl?

Cauliflower taco bowl

Simple summer salad

We all need a salad in our lives every now and then, and this one is an absolute beauty. It’s loaded with tomatoes, chicken and croutons – what more do you want in your salad (other than perhaps the glass of wine that goes along with it…)

simple summer salad