Chocolate peanut butter oat bars

If I ever write my memoirs there’s a pretty solid bet that the title would have to be I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry. There’s hanger in my life, and it’s bad. But in a world where I’m trying to eat less crap, snacking needs to be fun and erring away from being too bad for me – that’s where these chocolate peanut butter oat bars come in.

When the Grumpasaurus rex. kicks in (approximately 4 pm, 3 pm if I’ve been in meetings all day. Sometimes 9.30 am if it’s all going a bit wrong) snacks will happen. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s a snackcident, either way it’s probably for the best that something got eaten.

chocolate peanut butter oat bars

There are two kinds of people here: those that think that there’s a touch of melodrama in saying this and those who are nodding along with it all seeming a little too familiar. Which camp are you in?

But in a world where snacking is often looked down on and your options range from not-great to downright terrible for you, these bars are a welcome breath of fresh air.

chocolate peanut butter oat bars

An afternoon snack is the perfect time for one of these chocolate peanut butter oat bars. The peanut butter is all about energy, a bit of protein and flavour. The oats, they’re going to give you some energy over the next few hours until it’s dinner time. And the chocolate, well it’s chocolate and chocolate is bloody delicious.

These chocolate peanut butter oat bars are also dead simple to make. You mix all the ingredients into a bowl. You pop it into a lined tray and then leave it in the fridge for a little bit. You slice, and you’re ready to enjoy. Simple as anything.

chocolate peanut butter oat bars
chocolate peanut butter oat bars

Chocolate peanut butter oat bars

  • Author: Craig
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 12 bars 1x


These are your new favourite afternoon snack – hell, your morning snack if that’s how your day’s going – they’re ridiculously tasty and more-ish and perfect for beating mid-afternoon hanger.



  • 50g butter
  • 75g light brown sugar
  • 250g porridge oats 
  • 75ml honey
  • 125g peanut butter (about 5 tablespoons)
  • 150g dark chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 pinch of salt


Lay your oats out on a large baking sheet and gently toast them under the grill – you’re aiming for golden.

While they’re toasting, line an 8 inch/22 cm square cake tin with baking parchment.

Melt the butter, sugar, honey and vanilla in a large pyrex bowl over some simmering water, mixing gently as you go. Then take off the heat and mix through the peanut butter. 

Add in the toasted oats and about three-quarters of the chocolate chips. Press into the lined tin and pop in the fridge for ten minutes to cool. Melt the rest of the chocolate and drizzle over the top. Let it cool, then slice into squares or bars.


These keep well for a few days in an air-tight container, but once you start sharing them they won’t last that long!

  • Category: Baking
  • Method: traybake
  • Cuisine: British

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