How do you find lunchtime? Many of us struggle. Did you know that in 2016 (the most recent data I could find) Pret did sales of £776 million? And according to ‘British Sandwich Week’, we bought enough sandwiches to buy 36,500 Ferraris – £7.85 billion, that is. That’s quite a lot, and let’s be honest, most shop-bought lunches aren’t exactly great. So, if you are looking for some lunch recipe ideas to try out, then take a little look and see what takes your fancy. If you’re really up for it, have them all!

If you’ve got a favourite lunch recipe you use, then let me know and maybe it could be added to the list.

Lemon and feta roasted chickpeas

Lemon and feta roasted chickpeas

Ditch whatever drama you just had by the water cooler and jet off to the Mediterranean with these lemon and feta roasted chickpeas.

Beetroot hummus

Beetroot hummus

It could be a snack, you could make it for lunch – this colourful collection works in whatever way you want it – just be careful if you’re wearing white…

Roast tomato soup

Roasted Tomato Soup

Everyone needs some soup in their life, and this one is packed full of flavour – the roasting of the tomatoes gives it a depth of flavour you can’t get in a tetra pack. If you’re needing lunch recipe ideas to warm you in the middle of the day, then get a pot of soup on the go.

Soda bread and smoked salmon

Soda bread

It sounds glamorous, but it’s easy to make and will make your lunchtime feel like a little royal break. I quite often make this if I’m working from home as you can make it before you start working and it’s cool by lunchtime. You can also take it in to work with a wedge of cheese or any sort of fish (if you’re not going to stink out the office, no one wants that).

Ham and avocado couscous

Ham and Avocado Couscous

It’s a colourful collection to have in your tupperware to make your lunch a little tastier. This one is also brilliant for using up leftovers that you might have kicking around the fridge with a few other staples.

Bonus brunch recipe for the weekend: Bacon and avocado toast

Avocado and Bacon Salad

Start your weekend off the way you mean to go on – a lie in, coffee and then a slice of toast covered in bacon and avocado.