Coffee break: September 2018

This is a little behind the scenes look at what goes on behind the scenes at TUS HQ.

Huh, well I guess that was September. Somehow we’ve gone from full-blown summer to autumn. Much as it’s great to see all-things-cinnamon back in our lives, part of me is still wishing it was summer. 

My September started off really relaxed – two whole weekends in the flat! – but it all those good intentions of getting back into a good routine and working on the blog more frequently don’t seem to have come to fruition. Oh, and as this is sent out I’m also in Salt Lake City for work. As you do…

Anyway, in this month’s update on the goings on behind the scenes at TUS HQ it’s all about wrapping up the end of summer so that we can get thinking about autumn and, dare I say it, Christmas.

Currently eating

The seasons and changing, no doubt about it. So let’s change what we’re eating too. Now is a great time for lamb, and I like to do mine with a bit of mint and feta.

Mint and feta lamb chop
lamb with mint and feta

Featured recipe

It’s also time for pumpkin spiced lattes. You can go all brand and tax dodging, but you can also make slow cooker PSLs at home. It’s dead simple and is brilliant if you’ve people coming over for brunch.

Kitchen ‘essentials’

A couple of people have asked me about things I need in the kitchen lately, so with autumn cooking on the cards, here a couple you might like and links to where you can get them (which, btw, are affiliate links)

This month at TUS HQ

This was one of the most commented on photos on Instagram this month – the disaster for my curtains that was roasted cauliflower. Well we be perfect all the time, can we?Co

What to eat in October