January coffee break

Sooooo that was January. It’s the month that has officially the worst day of the year, when it’s cold, we’re all broke and there is zero daylight in which to shoot photos for the blog. What a joy it is. This is the January coffee break.

How was your January? Any new exciting recipes to share?

This month I’ve been away so many weekends (well, two and a half), so new recipes on the blog have been somewhat limited and instances of scrambled eggs for dinner have been high.

On the bright side though, it’s now still sort of daylight at 4pm, January pay day has arrived and we’re full on in marmalade season – this weekend I’m making orange and rum marmalade.

New recipes this month

Well, yeah, not many. But there have been a lot of vegetables and oranges. My roast butternut squash has been pretty popular this month, alongside healthier meals to eat in January, my gin marmalade and the orange and grapefruit marmalade. Oh, and the orange gin. Basically all you guys seem to want this month is citrusy goodness and gin. Hard to say that you’re wrong really…

One new recipe that is out and about now though is for roast cauliflower – it’s definitely one you need to try.

Roasted cauliflower


This year’s word of the year is sustainability, so how has the first month been? Well, I’ve used a total of five takeaway coffee cups which whilst not great is also not the worst. Must remember my reusable mug more and stop impulse coffee stopping at lunchtime when the reusable cup is in the office.

Aside from that, my shopping has been almost spot on this month, with only a few too many vegetables here and there which have all been repurposed into soup.

sustainability - better food shopping

Tip for this month:

Soup is the most versatile thing out. And whilst purposeful soups like cream of tomato or caldo verde are great, there’s everything to play for by just chucking lots of veg in a pot and adding spices.

Second tip: don’t think it’s a good idea to fill up the car on the way home when it’s minus 2 and you’re wearing shorts. Exercise may be good for you, the cold isn’t. And being told off by the woman behind the counter was everything you deserve.

Caldo verde

Loving at TUS HQ

  • Honey Blossom and Lemon
    This book was a Christmas present and it’s gorgeous. I want to go to Morocco right about now. There’s been a beef stew and some heavenly spicy prawns.
  • Game of Thrones
    Binge watching the whole show before the final season in April? Would I?

This month I’ve also jumped on the whole ‘let’s make life more clean and tidy’ bandwagon. No, it’s not been about ‘sparking joy’ (and anyone who goes around asking if my stuff sparks joy will be told that they do not spark joy and will be disposed off accordingly), I joined the Minimalist Kitchen revolution with The Faux Martha. And despite being there for a month I’ve procrastinated around it all. My kitchen sparks limited amounts of joy but holds much mess.

chocolate peanut butter oat bars

Coming in February will be gin-laden emails, oat and chocolate heavy treats, more marmalade and a recipe from my trip to Budapest last year. Join me?