Simplicity – in its simplest form, naturally – can often be considered boring. Dull. Something in need of that little extra element which will really make it sing. In food that can be something as simple as a grind of pepper or a sprinkling of salt; but on occasion it really isn’t necessary, sometimes it is the simplest of things that make us smile.

I was being all cultured and such like on Sunday by going to see something in the Edinburgh International Film Festival – which sounds much more impressive before I say that a friend and I went to see a pre-release screening of Monsters University (which, by the way, is FANTASTIC!) – but the screening time was really not conducive to my Sunday eating habits. It beggars belief that they did not consider me when scheduling the festival, I know, but that was the situation I found myself in. Having been out on Saturday night and not got up too early on Sunday, I found myself needing to have lunch about an hour after breakfast. I needed something simple, quick and utterly gobsmackingly delicious, and I had just the thing up my sleeve.

20130626-100400.jpgA little while back I was pondering this month’s blogging challenges that I was going participate in and sadly realised that I might have to give Random Recipes (hosted by Dom, over at Belleau Kitchen) a miss, as I really didn’t have time to figure out what ‘happy and healthy’ recipes I had (except for not many that fulfil the latter part of the bargain). I then realised how ridiculous this was, so went about choosing a recipe using a collection of randomly written sums and hoping for the best.

Whether what I landed on is strictly speaking within the theme is probably debatable, but since it involves fruit (and thus healthy…) and made me very happy, I am going to go for it. It’s probably the simplest recipe I’ve featured in a long time – it has four ingredients, one of which is water – but I think it’s this utter simplicity that really makes it work. I toyed with the idea of adding additional ingredients, or making some crackers for it to go on, but I’m glad I stuck to the recipe (nothing to do with the fact I didn’t have time to make any sort of biscuit for it…). Sometimes in life the simplest combinations are the best. The sweetness of the cherries paired with the slightly salty, savoury goats cheese was an utter joy. It may barely count as a recipe, but go try it and you’ll be back for more before you know it!

Cherries and Goats Cheese

Goats Cheese & Cherries

This recipe was adapted from one of my favourite cookbooks – New Bistro. It’s almost too simple to be called a recipe, but it’s definitely worth a try. It serves two as a starter, or as little treat.


200g cherries
2 tbsp water
three slices of goats cheese
3 thin slices of baguette


Half the cherries and pull out the stones. Chuck them in a pan with the water and put on a medium heat with the lid on. Leave them for 5 minutes to bubble down.

Slice your bread and cheese, then arrange them on the plate in a circle.

Take the lid off the pan and let the cherries simmer down so they’ve a thick juice. Spoon the warm cherries over the cheese and bread and serve.