Super easy one pound meals – Miguel Barclay

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Food bill keeping you up at night? Need some quick and easy dinners that are reasonably good for you? Not sure how to make good food on the cheap? Whatever your reason for heading towards Super Easy One Pound Meals, I think you’re in for a treat.

If like me you discovered Miguel Barclay through Instagram you’ll be familiar with his easy going and tasty-looking dishes. His mantra is easy to understand and quite compelling – it’s about making good food for very little money. £1 per serving, to be exact.

Are the recipes any good?

The recipes in the book are all made with the idea of being quick and easy, so how good are they? Well, pretty good actually. You won’t become a Michelin star chef by making them, but if you’re not feeling flush with cash or just need some simple and quick dinners that taste good, these are right up your street.

So far I’ve made quite a few of the recipes with my favourites being the cheesy ham and leek pie, the Thai omelette, the BBQ beans (which I’ve subsequently turned into my slow cooker beans and sausages) and the delicious baked feta.

baked feta - super easy one pound meals


One of the first things you’ll notice about the book is the sheer number of photos in it. I don’t think I own many cookbooks that have photos for every single recipe plus a good few more just for the sake of it.

Each recipe has the end product simply styled on the opposite page. It’s clear, clean and simple. The back cover and page before the start are collages. Given that Miguel’s fame has arisen through his social media presence – and in particular his Instagram – I don’t think it’s a huge leap to say that this book has taken some of its stylistic elements from Insta.

super easy one pound meals review

Who is it for?

This is a cookbook that caters to quite a lot of audiences. There’s the obvious budget elements (clue’s in the title, after all), but it’s more about getting good food into busy people’s lives in an inexpensive way. All the ingredients will be easy to find in any supermarket and it’s going to be within most people’s abilities to cook the majority of the recipes.

Want a copy?

You can get a copy on Amazon, at time of publishing it’s about £8.50.

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