Gins to drink this Christmas

This year the Christmas spirit is going to be gin. Gin has seen an enormous increase in its popularity over the last few years (and rightfully so, it’s delicious), and this year sales are predicted to go through the roof. But with so many new brands out there buying gin for your nearest and dearest it can be a bit overwhelming. Having been asked a couple of times lately what I would recommend for people, I thought I would go round and come up with my guide to the gins to drink this Christmas.

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It could be a very long list indeed – there are now over 100 gin distilleries in the UK – but that would take forever, so instead I’ve broken it down to three categories: the best gins out there – my current favourites from around the country; Homemade gins – or possibly more accurately home-infused, the ones you can make at home; and Online and in supermarkets – the bottles to pick up with your shopping that are good to have around as very few gin lovers really want a Gordon’s if they come round.

If you’re massively cynical, let’s just put it up front that none of these are sponsored, they are here because I love them. I’ve put links to a few of these gins on Amazon, and I’ll get affiliate fees if you use them. All good? Then let’s talk gin!

The best gins out there

Number 1 on this list is my absolute favourite – Isle of Harris gin (get it online from them directly). It’s utterly incredible and worth every penny to get your hands on it. Plus when it’s done you have a beautiful bottle to reuse to your heart’s content.

Another island gin, but this time from Islay, The Botanist is flavoured using what the island does best – nature. There are 22 botanicals from the island flavouring it, plus some more traditional gin flavours. You can get it on Amazon.

One from my home town of Edinburgh that always makes me happy is Pickering’s. Their gins are all delicious, and if you ever get to visit them, I’d recommend it – their distillery is in the old kennels of Edinburgh’s old vet school, the Dick Vets. You can get it on Amazon.

My other favourite is a beautiful gin that makes me happy every time I see the bottle sitting on my shelves – Rock Rose. Their original is flavoured with botanicals found on the rocky cliffs near their distillery on the far north coast of Scotland. The result is just divine.

Silent pool has been one of my favourite new gins this year. Not only does it look great, but it’s got a well-rounded flavour.

A bit of a curveball, but have you thought of alcohol-free gin? Technically it’s an alcohol-free spirit, but to all intents and purposes Seedlip Spice 94 is a cirtusy gin, just not with any booze in it.

Others worth looking at

Homemade gins

The Raspberry one. This has been the most popular post on The Usual Saucepans for well over two years now, and one I make time and again. It’s summer in a glass. You can use frozen raspberries as any fresh raspberries just now will be rubbish.

The Mulled one.

Mulled gin is one of my absolute favourite things about Christmas. It’s warming and spiced to absolutely delicious heights.

The Orange and grapefruit one.

Needs something with more of a citrus edge? This one combines Seville oranges and grapefruit to a very fruity end.

Online and in supermarkets

We’re not always looking for the top shelf of the gin market, so these are the gins to drink this Christmas that you can get your hands on easily. Great if you’re looking for a slightly lower price ticket or are looking for a safe bet if you’re not a big fan yourself.

Opihr (no, I’m still not overly sure how to pronounce it either) is beautifully spiced.

Edinburgh Gin has numerous variations now, but the original is still my favourite.

Hendrick’s always win me over with their quirkiness, and it’s a pretty solid gin too. Serve with cucumber.

Tanqueray Number 10 feels much fancier than its sibling the ‘ordinary’ Tanqueray, it’s a couple of pounds more, but definitely worth it.

Sipsmith London Dry is another great option that works really well as a gift for all gin drinkers. 

Have a recommendation or a favourite of your own? Comment below and let everyone know.

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Gins to drink this Christmas

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