Christmas baking to share

Hands up who loves Christmas? And then keep them up if you’re also a fan of indulging in some delicious festive baking? Yeah, thought so. Making Christmas baking to share is one of the best way to spread the Christmas cheer.

So this Christmas, whether you are baking for friends, family, the office or your wine club that has a book problem, this post is full of ideas for Christmas baking to share.

Amaretto gingerbread

Orange and Amaretto Gingerbread

This is one of my personal favourite to make. It’s straight forward and easy to bake for a group. It feels like a little warming hug and is perfect for a festive treat.

Cinnamon and amaretti shortbread

Cinnamon and Amaretti Shortbread
cinnamon shortbread

Who doesn’t like a little bit of shortbread as a mid-morning snack? Perfect for coffee breaks and packaging up as little gifts, this shortbread is a mega crowd pleaser.

Mincemeat tart

Mincemeat tart
mincemeat tart

A great option if you’re looking for something that looks impressive but is actually dead simple to make. This is great as a dessert or something to share at an evening get together.

Candy cane fudge

Candy Cane Pretzel Fudge

If you’re having a super-busy time, this candy cane fudge is both really simple to make and is going to give you quite a big sugar boost to pick you up. What makes it really more-ish though is the saltiness from the pretzels.

Mince pies

Easy mince pies

Is there any more Christmassy a treat to make for people than mince pies? These are crisp little pastry treats filled with just the right amount of mincemeat, they’re best served a little warm.


two slices taken out of a panettone

Every year we all see stacks of panettones in boxes in shops and delis and it’s the sort of thing that we’d never think to make at home, but baking your own panettone is decptively simple!

Festive rocky road

Christmas Rocky Road
festive rocky road

This is one of those treats that is more ‘treat’ than bake (being that you don’t bake it and all…), but who on earth doesn’t love a chocolatey, biscuity treat with cherries and marshmallows through it?

Mincemeat cinnamon buns

Mincemeat Cinnamon Buns
mincemeat cinnamon buns

Who doesn’t love a cinnamon bun with their coffee mid-morning? If your sharing is going to be around coffee time, these are going to be a winner.