Oh soup. Where would the world be without a big, warming bowl of soupy goodness? Soup can be glamorous or it can be an ugly ducking, and so it stands to reason that soup recipes vary enormously too.
Here you will find soup recipes that call for long, slow roasting of garlic, but also the speedy, most basic of ‘the vegetables that needed using up’ soups.
For those of us with little time to spare, soup makes for a delicious lunch or dinner that you can make ahead. Packed full of vegetable goodness and easy to keep a couple of tubfulls in the fridge or freezer ready for when you need them most. It’s also (usually) dirt cheap to make, because all you need are seasonal vegetables and some stock.
It may not always be stunning to look at, but whether it’s tomato, caldo verde or a simple vegetable, soup is there to be your warning friend this winter.