There is something magical about brunch. In a time when we all seem to spend our lives rushing from place to place, it is a rare chance to slow down and spend some time with friends. My brunch recipes will let you have a little bit of what you like in your lives, but with the minimum of fuss, hassle and effort.

Brunch is not a time for long, complex recipes that cook for hours, it’s about brilliant recipes – like peanut butter pancakes, chocolate brioche French toast, and cinnamon buns – on the table in a way that allows you to enjoy the time you have but ensuring the coffee’s fresh and the food is amazing.

Let’s be honest, brunch isn’t always a time for ridiculously healthy foods, but that’s not to say you can’t be creative. I love adding things like oats and bananas into pancakes to make them more nutritious. But that being said, I also like to drink mimosas. It’s all about balance in your life!

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